How a mother of two lost 52 kilos in a YEAR

Zoe's weight loss transformation is incredible!

Weighing 104 kilos, mother-of-two Zoe Lee Molloy was desperate to do something about her health.

The 22-year-old gained 20 kilos after her first pregnancy but she struggled to lose the weight following the birth of her first son.

Zoe says she became ‘addicted’ to takeaway food.

“In the morning, I would usually have a big plate of bacon and eggs. An hour later, I’d have crumpets or Fruit Loops or Coco Pops,” she told

“For lunch, usually I would have takeaway food like McDonald’s, KFC or a kebab. I’d also eat a big bag of Doritos or snack on M&Ms.”

But her turning point came in March 2016, after she came across “shocking” photos of herself.

She started The Healthy Mummy program, a diet based on healthy shakes and recipes, and lost 45 kilos in 10 months.

“52kg gone- half of me then what I was. Have gotten to where I wanna be now just the toning stage,” Zoe said to The Healthy Mummy

“Gave myself a better healthy lifestyle then what I had and I am so glad that I jumped on The Healthy Mummy products and got the results I wanted. It’s all about still enjoying life and having stuff in moderation, which I still have to learn cause I never “treat” myself much.”

What an incredible transformation! 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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