Heartbroken mum overwhelmed with messages after her first baby dies minutes after birth

Such a beautiful outpouring of support.
Stacie Goddard

Expectant mum, Stacie Goddard, 22, was delighted to welcome Peter into the world. However she and her partner, Stephen Price, 28, were left devastated when at 22 weeks, Peter was born and passed away.

Stacie and Stephen’s little boy had a condition called renal agenisis, which meant his lungs and kidneys did not develop.

After 16 hours together, they had to say goodbye to their baby boy and the family went home to grieve.

One day, Stacie posted a photo of a handwritten note to Facebook that read: ‘Peter, mummy and daddy’s love for you is so big that your memory lives on all around the world’.

She did not expect what happened next.

‘In a couple of days there were about 100 photos from people in Hawaii, South Africa, lots in America including from a NYPD officer, literally all over the world,’ she writes.

‘To think that my son’s name has been written all over the world by so many people is so beautiful.I really hope it raises awareness for those who have suffered the loss of their baby.’

Stacie is now expecting a baby girl in May and she’s delighted to have such a beautiful story to share with her girl about her big brother.

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