Grandmother of three-yr-old who nearly drowned blames ‘cheap floatie’ for trapping him underwater

The boy was airlifted to hospital.
The north Sydney pool the 3-year-old was found in.
7 News

Zack Daniels, 3, was airlifted to Westmead Children’s hospital two days ago after being pulled unconscious from a backyard pool in Sydney.


Talking to the Daily Telegraph, Zack’s grandmother, Irena Ekes, lays the blame on a floating donut from Kmart which apparently flipped and trapped the boy underwater.


‘My daughter thought she can turn her back for one second because she knew he was in a floatie but it tipped him upside down. How does that happen? That is ridiculous,’ she says.


After being worked on at the scene the boy was airlifted to Westmead in a critical condition. He has now been released and is expected to make a full recovery.

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