Furious mother refuses to clean home after husband said these seven words

She was NOT having it.
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A fed-up mother has gone viral after sharing a post on social media that she no longer cleans up after her children.

Mother of three, Heidi Hamm said on her Facebook page: ‘For years I would spend a few minutes every night, cleaning up after my kids. I would hate to calculate just how many hours of my life have been spent picking up toys. Too many.’

Heidi had no problem with cleaning after her children but it all changed one night as she was sorting out her kids Lego collection.

‘One night my husband found me on my hands and knees, colour coordinating the Lego. Did I mention I like things organised? I was exhausted. Which is a common state for me,’ she said.

Her husband proceeded to ask: ‘Why don’t you just shut the door?’

That was the last straw, Heidi added: ‘I stared up at him. It’s possible it was more of a glare. I had been expecting him to join me on the floor, sifting through the mountain of Lego. Instead he offered me those seven words.’

Now Heidi is all about self-care, saying in the post: ‘These days everybody is talking about how self-care is so important when you’re a parent. And it is. It’s so easy to lose yourself in taking care of everyone else.’

And among those self-care rules is for the playroom mess to be the responsibility of whoever caused it.

‘The kids clean the play room once a week. Not me. Them’ she said.

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