Fisherman has deadly encounter with shark after being thrown overboard

This is so scary!
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A Melbourne fisherman sparked a major police search after finding his abandoned kayak.

It was later learned that the fisherman, Brett Palmer, 34, had been yanked into the water after he caught a shark.

Trying to free itself, the man was thrown overboard prompting his friends to rescue him from the shark. They proceeded to help Brett tow his kayak back to shore before resuming fishing on his friends’ boat.

(Credit: 7 News)

Water police officials launched a search operation after discovering the loaded kayak, which contained fishing gear in Western Port Bay in Victoria around 7am on Sunday morning. 

After learning the fisherman had already returned home safely, police said he should have notified authorities of his unattended kayak after the incident.

The kayak was later returned to Brett on the same day.

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