Father shares heartbreaking photo of his daughter’s last eyelash

It hung on for three weeks as the 7-year-old endured chemo
Andrew Brown

When Andrew Brown’s little girl, Hayley, 7, was diagnosed with cancer he was devastated.

Having regularly held fundraisers to help others fighting the disease, he was overwhelmed when reality hit so close to home.

In order to treat the 5 centimetre tumour growing in her nose, she would have to undergo 8 months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

But for this dedicated father, nothing symbolised Hayley’s battle against her cancer than her last eyelash – which he photographed and put on Facebook.

After several months her treatment had claimed all the hair on her head – but it took 3 more weeks for her final eyelash to fall out.

Right through people, including her older sister, always said how jealous they were of her beautiful big eyelashes,’ Andrew told Kidspot.

‘She doesn’t really realise they’re gone, people stopped talking about them. She probably doesn’t even know her eyebrows are practically gone.’

‘Every time I see that photo, I think “make a wish”, it’s just so moving,’ family friend, Andrea Huggins, told Daily Mail Australia.

The gruelling treatment has been successful at shrinking Hayley’s tumour. But she still has several weeks of her treatment left.

You can help support Hayley and her family on their MyCause page. 

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