Expert claims parents should ask babies for permission before changing their nappies

It's a matter of 'consent' according to one expert.
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A sexuality expert has claimed that parents should be asking babies for their permission when changing them, in an attempt to force good communication habits later in life.

Sexuality educator, author, and speaker Deanne Carson appeared on ABC News to discuss her work. When there, she said to the newsreader that she works with ‘children from three years old’ and ‘with parents from birth.’ 

Carson clarifies by explaining she doesn’t expect a child to respond to the request, and the technique aims to help foster healthy communication.

As expected, Twitter had a bit to say about the matter. 

One user wrote, ‘What next. Getting your dogs permission to take them out for a walk.’

With another added, ‘Stop telling parents how to raise OUR children.’ 

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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