Easter Bunny disciplines BADLY-BEHAVED kids with a stern note

'I have been watching carefully and you have been very naughty

When Holly, Jake and Zack woke up on Easter, they couldn’t wait to gobble up their hoard of chocolate eggs.

Instead, they found this note:

Queensland mum Tracy Elizabeth shared the note on Facebook group, Sunny Coast Community Board.

‘Please tell me I’m not the only parent who has done this to their kids,’ Tracey wrote. 

‘Waiting for them to wake up and feeling like cruellest mum on the planet but hoping it teaches them a lesson for the future.’

Opinions were divided with some commenters praising Tracy’s parenting, while others blasted her.

‘I posted it on my own Facebook page and felt it was a bit of lighthearted fun on an Easter morning,’ Tracy told

‘Anybody who knows me, they know I’m a good parent, I know I’m raising my children the best I can, I’m the first person to go absolutely overboard and do outrageous things for them.’

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