Felix the cat SURVIVES a 35-minute washing machine cycle

He's definitely used one of his seven lives!

One poor cat has managed to survive after being trapped in a washing machine for 35 minutes.

Felix was stuck in the spinning machine at his home in Minnesota, US, last week.

The kitty’s owner, Stefani Carroll-Kirchoff told CNN how she normally checks the machine before doing her laundry, to make sure none of her three cats are inside.

But she forgot and returned 35 minutes later to realise her clothes were still wet.

She told KARE 11, ‘I heard a little meow, and all of a sudden a little white foot go up in the air! I can’t tell you what it was like.’

Washing machine
(Credit: Getty)

Pulling him out and rushing him to the vet, the moggy’s owner was told he had pneumonia and had lost his vision.

Luckily, he’s recovering from the incident and there’s a chance his sight will return.

Ms Caroll-Kirchogg’s daughter Asha set up a GoFundMe to help pay for Felix’s vet bills.

She said that when her mum found the feline, ‘he was soaking wet and barely breathing, confused and unable to see.’

‘My family is heartbroken and scared.’

Speaking about the family cat, she wrote, ‘Pure personality. Vibrant. I’ve just fallen in love with him and my entire family has. He is an important member of our family.

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