Has the Bermuda Triangle mystery finally been solved?

The deadly triangle has claimed thousands of lives.
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British scientists have claimed they have figured out just why so many people have lost their lives in the deadly and mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

According to their research, it is the result of 30m ‘rogue’ waves that have caused so many ships, boats and even planes to falter.

Explaining in the documentary, The Bermuda Triangle Enigma, the British scientists re-created the ‘rogue’ waves by using indoor simulators to show the devastating effects it can have. 

bermuda triangle
An aerial and conceptual computer artwork of The Bermuda Triangle. (Credit: Getty Images)

Alternatively known as the ‘Devil’s Triangle’, the triangle is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean and over the past 100 years has taken more than 1000 lives.

Most recently, a four-passenger plane including American entrepreneur, Jennifer Blumin and her two sons along with her partner, Nathan Ulrich vanished inside the vicious triangle.

The family were just 59km east off the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas.

Their bodies were never found after an extensive search.

Jennifer Blumin
Jennifer Blumin (Credit: Getty Images)

Another notable disappearance was Flight 19 in 1945 when five torpedo planes vanished during a major training session.

Throughout history, many have pondered and come up with theories as to why such tragic events occur within the Bermuda Triangle, including ideas of methane gas being trapped under the seafloor to ‘electronic fog’.

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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