Boy loses all four limbs to meningococcal disease

His miraculous survival came at a cost
9 News

A little boy has lost all four limbs after he contracted meningococcal disease.

Riley Nixon, woke up vomiting and ‘could barely move a muscle’ when taken to the doctor in May this year.

As he started to break out in a rash he was diagnosed with the deadly disease that has claimed a child in Western Australia recently.

Riley’s mum, Amy Wales, says there was a high chance her son wouldn’t make it but the one-year-old pulled through.

‘Riley surprised everyone with how strong he was and how hard he was going to fight for his life.’

But the youngster had all his limbs amputated and had skin grafting on the majority of his body. He’s spent the last four months in hospital and his parents have set up a GoFundMe page called Rally Round Riley to help raise money for his care and support.

(Credit: GoFundMe / Rally Round Riley)


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