Blogger’s photo of her postpartum belly goes viral

'I couldn't believe it was me
Ruth Lee Instagram

Beauty blogger Ruth Lee has shared a photo of what her stomach looked like just days after welcoming her newborn daughter Presley into the world.

“I’m posting this tonight with tears in my eyes. I can’t help it,” the blogger wrote.

The pic showed her belly with stretch marks and gauze covering her C-section scar.

“I followed SO many pregnant models during my pregnancy. And when they photographed themselves pool-side 5 minutes postpartum, I thought, ‘Wow! I hope that happens to me!’”

The 25-year-old admits she was horrified by her belly. “I couldn’t believe it was me,” she said.

“As a society we have essentially lumped stretch marks and scars and all of those ‘negative’ things with pregnancy into kind of an ‘ugly’ category,” the married mom tells Us Weekly. “We’re taught to hide it or get rid of it. But having those signs of your baby and your pregnancy on your body forever — that is the most beautiful idea in the whole world.”

Lee told Us Magazine that the support following the photo has been nothing short of amazing.

“To have so many women relate to it and support it and applaud it has been so amazing,” she told the US publication.

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