Babysitters arrested after filming baby shut inside fridge


A baby who was left in the care of two young babysitters endured a horror ordeal when the girls put the baby inside a fridge and closed the door – filming the incident and sharing it to Snapchat.

The baby is heard screaming through the fridge door while trapped in the cold and dark, before the sitters open the door again, laughing.

Police arrested the pair later that evening following a tip-off by viewers of the Snapchat video. The two teenage girls were charged with child endangerment, and assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon. The weapon being the fridge. 

When the baby’s mum, Bonnie Brogna, was interviewed she explained that the two girls who pulled the stunt were a family member and her friend, and that while she was ‘horrified’ she didn’t believe they had bad intentions.

It’s pretty clear to see that they were joking and laughing. They obviously didn’t know the severity of it,’ she told NECN reporters. 

The young baby has now been reunited with her mother, and is doing well.

This article first published on New Idea.

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