Australians’ revolting Netflix habit exposed


New research has discovered Aussies are increasingly adopting a particularly disgusting behaviour when it comes to their Netflix viewing habits.

While it has already been reported in previous studies that mobile phones should NOT be used in bathrooms, people are ignoring warnings and even watching Netflix whilst in the bathroom!

The activity has previously been warned against after research found an increased risk of contracting urinary tract infections, intestinal illness and other germ-related illnesses.

It has now been revealed in a study conducted by Netflix themselves that around 8 percent of Australians are binging film and TV on Netflix whilst in public bathrooms!

(Credit: Getty Images)

If that’s not alarming enough, Australians are even higher than the global seven percent average.

Among the shocking result, it was also found that Aussies are consuming Netflix in public more than ever with fifty-nine percent watching the popular streaming service on the go. Even more so, a third of users voted the video service more important than food and water when on public transport.

This article originally appeared on New Idea.

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