Aussie woman owes ‘psychic powers’ to her near-death experience

‘I know what happens when you die.’
Michelle Vidler

An Aussie woman has shared with that’s life! the incredible moment she unlocked her psychic abilities.

Michelle Vidler, 34, explains that when she was 29 she developed a nightmare case of deep-vein thrombosis (DVT).

The condition caused a clot to form which travelled to Michelle’s heart and soon doctors were desperately attempting to revive her.

‘My life replayed before my eyes,’ Michelle says, explaining what happened to her while doctors attempted to bring her back from the edge of death.

‘I saw myself being born and snippets of relationships. I saw where I’d gone off track.

‘I floated above my body and saw everyone trying to resuscitate me,’ she says.

What happened to her next, she can only describe as ‘being in Heaven.’

‘I met my loved ones who’d died, including my grandfather Jack and my brother Daniel. Above me were angels.’

She describes one angel, called Ronan, telling her that if she ad to help others.

‘Then I returned to my body,’ she says.

‘I managed to open my eyes. I felt my heart beat again.

But recovering wasn’t the only miracle Michelle says she experienced.

‘Once I came to, another amazing thing happened.

‘I could clearly see the lives of the nurses and doctors, from their past, right through to when they would pass away.

‘I knew then my life’s purpose was to use this information to help others.’

In the years since, Michelle has done thousands of psychic readings and also teaches spiritual development so people can build on their own gifts.

‘I’m grateful I was given a second chance, and allowed to return to fulfill my life’s purpose.’


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