Are kids wrecking shops?

Shop owner furious by the mess left by kids

As the school holidays draw to an end one store owner has furiously complained about kids’ lack of respect in shops.

Charlie Bigg-Wither, who runs a recycling facility in Canberra called The Green Shed, has called on parents to keep an eye on their kids in shops.

‘The Green Shed is not a childcare facility,’ he wrote on Facebook.

‘We love kids as much as the next person – in fact between our staff we have a gazillion of them – BUT we are asking (pleading) that during the busiest time of the year people who visit the sheds with their children try to keep an eye on them and not let them destroy everything in sight just because they can.’

Toy aisle of the green shed

He continued: ‘The sheds are not a place to leave your kids while you go grocery shopping! We love to see kids having a good time but it really is just a matter of respect that they clean up after themselves and put those toys, games and bikes back where they were.’

Charlie, who also posted pictures of the mess left at The Green Shed, clearly hit a nerve.

As one commenter called Chris remarked: ‘Kids were much better disciplined 30 years ago. Parents and kids nowadays suck.’

Article originally published on New Idea.

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