After spending a fortune on surgery World’s Most Identical Twins want a more natural look

Anna and Lucy DeCinque are making a change!

Lucy and Anna DeCinque have become famous for being considered the ‘World’s Most Identical Twins’.

The 31-year-olds  now reveal, however, that after spending over $250,000 and years perfecting their appearance with surgery that they ‘regret it all’.

‘What we thought was pretty… we find ugly now,’ they explained to New Idea.

The twins have forked out for lip fillers, breast implants and have their eyebrows and eyeliner tattooed on. They have also had laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.

Anna and Lucy as teenagers are almost unrecognisable.

The twins have now admitted that they suffer from body dysmorphia, which inspired them to make drastic changes to their bodies. 

They say since their diagnosis they have been taking antidepressants and want to move back to a more natural look.

The pair are famous for raising eyebrows since they revealed that not only do they have identical routines, they have never spent longer than an hour apart and have been dating the same man for 5 years – who they intend to both marry.

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