A hitman shot three relatives in church but couple still went ahead with their wedding

They refused to let 'evil' get in their way.

A horrific video went viral several months ago showing a gunman walking brazenly into a wedding procession, before pulling a gun from his waistband and opening fire on the guests.

The bride and groom, Jailton and Cristina Barbosa, have now opened up about their day and why they decided to continue with the ceremony afterward.

When the gunman opened fire, it was one of the most frightening and chaotic moments in our lives,’ Jailton says, according to the Mirror.

‘I remember hearing the shots, grabbing hold of my mum and pulling her into a room and then rushing over to help those who were injured.’

Cristina, who hadn’t yet started walking up the aisle, was hustled back into the bridal car, where she hid until the gunman left.

The priest who was marrying the couple asked if they wanted to go ahead, and after calming down they continued.

Jailton says it was important to go on with their wedding: ‘To cancel everything would have been like allowing evil to get the better of us. We were innocent in all of this and just wanted to get on with our lives.’

The gunman was later arrested, reports the Mirror, and claimed his actions were to avenge the deaths of his father and his son who he claims were killed by the couple’s relatives.

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