Toddler attacked by kangaroo

No one knows what caused the roo to snap

Renee Harris, from Point Vernon in Queensland, was watching TV at home yesterday afternoon when she heard loud screams.

Rushing outside, she saw her neighbour’s two-year-old daughter on the ground, being attacked by a vicious kangaroo.

‘I ran out I saw the young toddler on the ground, the kangaroo on top of her, everyone was trying to grab it off,’ Renee told Seven News Brisbane

Source – Seven news

The girl’s mother along with a number of neighbours helped to rescue the child. 

Renee Harris was left with injuries after the kangaroo turned and chased her, causing her to fall and cut her arm. 

The kangaroo left the scene soon after and has not returned.

The little girl was left with some deep cuts and bruises to her head and chest but is expected to make a full recovery. 

Kangaroos are regularly seen around the neighbourhood and locals have no idea what caused the normally peaceful animal to attack. 

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