Outrage as behind-the-scenes footage shows dog forced into rushing water as it struggles

Animal lovers to boycott movie.

Animal lovers are outraged over this footage from behind-the-scenes of upcoming hollywood film A Dog’s Purpose which shows a terrified German Shepherd being forced into raging water.


The clip obtained by TMZ shows the dog clinging to the side of the pool which was set up with eight motors to create a churning current.


A voice off camera is heard laughing and saying: ‘He ain’t gonna calm down until he goes in the water… You just gotta throw him in.’


The actor in the water calls ‘Here boy, come on boy!’ as the poor dog scrabbles at the edge.


The dog is eventually forced into the water and becomes submerged when panic breaks out and you hear the director yell ‘cut it!’


Animal rights groups are calling for people to boycott the film.

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