Are you able to tell a cat from a dog?

Viral photo of furry pet on Twitter has everyone second-guessing!
Twitter / @1evilidiot

When this fuzzy pet’s owner posted a picture of Atchoum to Twitter they joked that sometimes people couldn’t tell if Atchoum was a dog or a cat.

Hilariously though, people are seriously baffled!

The photo has now been shared thousands of times with each new commentator adding their two cents.

Some were certain they could tell a cat from a dog.

Others theorised that science has finally brought together our two favourite domestic animals into one glorious fusion.

And others figured Atchoum must be something else altogether.

Are you ready for the truth?

Atchoum is a cat! The super furry feline shot to fame on Instagram because of his condition – hypertrichosis – which causes extra hair to grow all over.

If you don’t believe us, here’s some video evidence.

If he’s not a cat, then this dog sure has done his homework!

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