How this little duck helped to heal a dog’s heart

This pup was grieving for his best mate...
Facebook/Jacquie Litton

When George the dog lost his canine bestie of 12 years, Blackie, he was heartbroken.

George was so glum that his owner Jacquie Litton was worried he might not survive the heartache of grief.


All that changed when a little duck entered George’s life. 

The duck arrived a few weeks ago on the anniversary of Blackie’s death and the pair instantly bonded. 

Jacquie has no idea where the duck (which she named Donald) came from, but she’s very glad he showed up when he did.

‘George has been heart broken and has grieved with anxiety so bad that he has almost died twice,’ Jacqui wrote on Facebook.

‘Since the duck has arrived George has not cried one time,’ she says. 

The unlikely friends do everything together from eating to sleeping.

Jacqui has bought Donald a pool and says that the little fowl is welcome to stay for as long as he wishes.

George and Donald’s story has touched hearts around the world. 

It just goes to show – there is nothing quite as healing as the power of friendship.

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