Hero dog saves neighbour who collapses from sudden stroke in back yard

The usually quiet dog went frantic.

A 67 year old woman is in no doubt that her neighbour’s black labrador, Mack, is the only reason she’s alive after collapsing with a stroke in her back yard.

Marcia Allen had just opened the door to her back yard to let her own dogs out when she suddenly collapsed, and starting having a seizure in the mud.

‘Mack started barking, and he never barks,’ Marcia told Inside Edition, laughing as she remembers thinking ‘Stop, Mack!’

Mack’s owner Dave Scott came out to see what the commotion was – because his dog was normally very calm – and spotted Marcia in desperate need of help.

Dave called an ambulance and after a couple days in hospital Marcia was on the road to recovery.

She says she has Mack to thank for saving her life.

‘He was just wonderful,’ she said. ‘He was a hero. It was like this sixth sense. It was like he was saying, ‘I’m not going to stop until someone comes out here.’’

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