Girl’s cunning plan to smuggle beloved pooch in to grandma recovering in hospital

Best granddaughter ever!

A woman has shared the beautiful moment she reunited her grandma in hospital with her darling dog after pulling off a daring plan.

Shelby Hennick’s grandma was recovering in hospital and missing her darling pet dog who sadly couldn’t be with her.

Unable to bear seeing her grandma so miserable, Shelby pulled off a cunning plan to smuggle the pooch in to grandma’s room.

‘My grandma is in the hospital right now and wanted to see her dog,’ she wrote captioning her post on Twitter.

‘So I made it look like I was carrying a baby and we made it!’

Turns out Shelby isn’t the only visitor-turned-pet-smuggler in the hospital – many other said they had also snuck in the beloved pets to help cheer up family members.

And that’s how Shelby became the favourite granddaughter!

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