Firefighters rescue the same dog from the same roof twice in one hour

Is this a Husky thing?

An American firefighting department was called twice to the same house to rescue a Husky that was determined to not be stuck inside.

This week firefighters were amused to hear that there was a dog on a roof who needed saving. The dog had apparently escaped through an open upstairs window.

Since the owners were out, the firefighters coaxed the dog back inside and called it a day.

However, only hours later they were called to deal with the exact same problem again.

Posting photos to Facebook the Nanticoke City Fire Department explained that it looked like the Husky had managed to open a window and climb out onto the roof again.

‘The dog apparently wanted to be back outside again and reopened the window and let himself out again.’

Residents were not home either time. Dog walked back inside the window as FD personnel arrived the second time and window was secured.’

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