Man who claims he tattooed his dog’s face to protect it from cancer deletes his Facebook

Animal lovers call for him to be charged with animal cruelty

Man who says he tattooed his dog’s face to protect the animal from cancer has deleted his Facebook account after vicious backlash from animal lovers.

The internet has been in uproar since a photo surfaced of a white bull terrier with what looks like five tattoos across the nose, eyes, and both ears.

Dog with tattooed face
The photo has greatly upset animal lovers who are calling for Emerson to be charged with cruelty.

When confronted, the Brazilian tattoo artist Emerson Damascene claimed he believed the tattoos would help protect his dog against cancer.

Veterinarians say the tattoos which feature a diamond, a knuckleduster, an anchor, stars and what looks like the LA Dodgers logo, are unlikely to benefit the dog’s health and could be harmful, according to Daily Mail.

Emerson Damascene has since deleted his Facebook account.
Emerson Damascene has since deleted his social media accounts.

Emerson’s Facebook account, along with several other social media accounts with his name, have been deleted.

It is possible that the photos were staged, and it is unknown if police are investigating the matter.

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