5 things you didn’t know about raising a Guide Dog puppy!

#1 Yes! This is something you can do!

We’re all familiar with seeing the heroic Labrador hard at work guiding their handler through the hazards of daily life. What you may not be familiar with is that there is a good year or so before guide dogs are ready to go into training to become fully-fledged companions. This is where noble volunteers called Puppy Raisers step in!

Fostering the guide dog pups from a few weeks to around a year old, Puppy Raisers are crucial to making guide dogs into co-operative, obedient, and friendly adults for when they’re ready to get to work!

It’s great for the dogs, but also great for you! Here are 5 reasons you may want to consider becoming a Puppy Raiser:

You can try before you buy: Are the kids nagging you for puppy? Raising a Guide Dog puppy is a great way to road test whether a pooch suits your family lifestyle and whether the kids really are committed to helping raise a dog long term. The puppies only require a home for a maximum of 12-months before beginning their journey to change the life of a vision impaired person.

You can still go on holidays: No need to cancel that family vacation, Guide Dogs Australia will look after your puppy whilst you live it up in Port Douglas!

You can take your puppy to work: Unlike other pets, you’re encouraged to take your puppy where ever you go. Office pets reduce stress, are great for office culture and are said to increase productivity. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your puppy getting up to no good at home alone!

They’re cheap: We all know that pets can be expensive, but you’ll have no need to reach for your wallet as a puppy raiser. Guide Dogs Australia will pay for all your puppy expenses so you can continue saving.

Your family will gain a new best friend: Forget just the park, you can take your puppy with you to family outings such as the cinemas, theme parks or even out to dinner!

Got more questions? Head over to to find out more and check out our chat with Puppy Raising Officer, Kerry (and Bonnie the puppy) below!

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