Moment teenage girl lets killer into her flat

Megan Newton was doing a classmate a favour
Staffordshire Police

The moment an innocent teenage girl let her killer into her flat was captured on CCTV.

Megan Newton, 18, had run into a schoolmate, Joseph Trevor, 19, on a night out at a night club.

When he told Megan was too ‘drunk and high’ to go home to his parents – his father was a former police officer – she was a Good Samaritan and offered him a place to stay.

Footage shows Trevor enter Megan’s flat at 3.45am on April 20 last year. The pair giggle together at the flat in Fletcher Road, Stoke-on-Trent, UK.

Two hours later Trevor is seen leaving Megan’s flat with blood on his hands.

CCTV shows Megan returning home with Trevor (Credit: Staffordshire Police)

The teenager’s body was found on her bed. Trevor, of Danebower Road, Stoke-on-Trent, had raped, battered and repeatedly stabbed her.

Her murder was described in court as ‘sustained and violent.’

Police had spoken to Trevor earlier in the evening after he had taken ketamine and possibly cocaine, but he had been released and told to report back at a later date.

Adrian Keeling, prosecuting, said there was no suggestion that a sexual encounter would take place when Megan had offered him a roof for the night.

‘She had invited him back there as an act of kindness because he had got so drunk from drink and drugs that he could not face going home to his parents,’ he told the court.

Trevor’s police mugshot. He was jailed for more than 21 years (Credit: Staffordshire Police)

Trevor pleaded guilty to murder and two counts of rape at Staffordshire Crown Court.

Sentencing Trevor to 21 years and 65 days in prison, as well eight years for two counts of rapes which he will serve concurrently, Judge Michael Chambers said Megan had had her ‘whole life before her.’

He said, ‘This remains a brutal and sustained attack committed in a most callous way in her own home.’

The court was told Megan was a self-described ‘sports fanatic’ who hoped to study sports therapy and win a scholarship to the US. Megan’s family said her loss was ‘unbearable.’

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