101-year-old man’s pandemic birthday plea

Owen had to cancel his party

A man who turns 101 today has issued a plea to help celebrate his birthday despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

The man, called Owen, was forced to cancel his planned birthday party and instead will be spending his big day in isolation.

So instead, he asked people on social media to like and share a photo of him with a sign asking for 101,000 likes and comments.

When the image was tweeted by UN representative Mohamad Safa on social media site Twitter, thousands of messages of support flooded in.

And Owen well and truly surpassed his 101,000 goal – earning more than 150,000 likes on that tweet alone. 

And other Twitter users rushed to congratulate Owen, who is believed to live in the US.

And some shared photos of their 101-year-old relatives.

Happy Birthday Owen!

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