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World’s most identical twins reveal next big step

You won't believe what they plan on doing next!
Facebook: AnnaLucy DeCinque

Perth sisters, Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 30, have announced their next big plan in a video recently uploaded to their YouTube channel.

The pair have previously made headlines for their dedication to looking exactly the same and have spent around $250,000 on cosmetic surgery over the past decade.

The couple even follow a strict diet that mirrors the other exactly, to ensure their bodies look identical at all times.

(Facebook: AnnaLucy DeCinque)

But in a video released late last year, the self-proclaimed ‘World’s most identical twins’ announced their plan to marry the same man.

The pair met their shared boyfriend, Ben, on Facebook five years ago and even sleep in the same bed.

(Facebook: AnnaLucy DeCinque)

While the marriage wouldn’t be legal in Australia, the sisters admit they would consider a commitment ceremony instead.

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