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She’s the oldest woman on Tinder!

83 years young

AN 83-YEAR-OLD woman reclaiming the word “cougar” says that she will never go back to dating men her own age.

Grandmother Hattie Retroage refuses to let her sexual prowess wither with age. Dating exclusively younger men, she has embraced the idea of casual sex and uses Tinder to find potential partners.  Explaining why she gave up on dating men her own age, Hattie told Barcroft TV: “A lot of their life’s work has already been achieved. I love younger men because they are in the middle of an achievement, of a goal, there’s the excitement of creating.  “Younger men, they get off on getting a woman off – very different from when I was younger.”

Hattie, who lives and grew up in New York City has two children aswell as being a grandmother.  Her daughter, Rama, claims to have never been embarrassed of her mother’s antics – except for one time, when she discovered that Hattie had spent an evening in the dorm rooms of a New York university.  Talking about her mother’s dating life, Rama said: “It’s something I’m proud of. It’s something to brag about, it’s not something most kids would say.”  Hattie says she is often referred to as a “cougar” but is trying to reverse the negative preconceptions attached to the lifestyle.  “Cougars, as I see them, are not beasts of prey, they are an exquisite animal.  “I’m never on the prowl. I never approach a man, men always approach me.”

Hattie is currently single, but supposedly has a “steady selection” of casual lovers whom she connects with through dating apps such as Tinder.  Since she began using the app eight months ago, she claims to have met close to 50 men.  Her Tinder bio reads: “Hattie, 83, fascinating older beauty. Seeking a steady younger friend/lover for a shared life of adventure and passion. No pro-Trump and no players.”   Apparently, it is not uncommon for Hattie to see younger men lie about their age on the dating app to match with older women.  The youngest man she has been with was aged 19, although she insists she believed he was older.

As a former dancer, Hattie claims to have always been in tune with her body and sexuality. She was previously married for over 25 years and says her and her ex-husband had a “wonderful sex life.”   She said: “When the children went off to college, a lot of the dynamics broke down, so we got divorced.  “I missed the intimacy and the sexuality and the orgasms.”

After the split with her ex-husband, she put an advert in the newspaper seeking younger men to sleep with. She claims she was inundated with messages and had to “audition” the potential partners.  But all along, she was hoping one of her lovers wanted to get serious and settle down with her.  “At the beginning I was very disappointed that I didn’t get what it was I really wanted, which was another life mate,” Hattie admitted.  “The emotional side was bad. I would cry.  “I was carrying on like that for decades – and I would get depression.  “I screw, I sleep with, I make love with many men and not one of them has said, “I want you for my life”.

Fed up of feeling heartbroken, Hattie found a way to avoid becoming emotionally attached and to instead enjoy meaningless sexual encounters.  “I came up with a psychological surgical procedure and it’s called A heart-ectomy.”  “And what you do is you cut the connection between your heart and your p***y.”  “That was great and it pretty much worked for me. I’m not agonizing. I’m grateful that at this age and this stage that I have as many lovers as I want.”


One of her more recent dates is Shaun, who is 33 years old.  Hattie said: “Shaun is an absolute darling. He’s a very sexual man, I’m a very sexual woman.  “Whether or not something will happen, I don’t really know.”  Shaun says that his date with Hattie was the first experience he had with an older woman.  He told Barcroft TV: “[Hattie] is very beautiful for her age. She is definitely someone I would see older men trying to chase.  “She is definitely an interesting person.”  Although the date didn’t end romantically, the pair have agreed to remain friends.  With plenty more matches waiting for her, Hattie said: “My life goal is to change the awful, decrepit view of aging – view and experience, and turn it into something exciting. A life-loving adventure.”  She added: “The depth of life, you can’t avoid it. But the shallowness of good sex, that’s what is good enough for me.”

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