Woman who was called ‘obese Barbie’ and spent $52,000 on junk food sheds 60 KILOS!

The results are incredible...
Brittany Ofsoski

A Brisbane woman who weighed 153 kilos and was nicknamed ‘obese Barbie’ has undergone an incredible transformation.

Brittany Ofsoski, 23, shed a whopping 60 kilos after piling on the kilos when she found love.

Despite always spending hours on her appearance with fake tans, lip fillers and the latest fashion, Brittany told that’s life! she started gaining weight when she met her partner, Tava.

(Credit: Brittany Ofsoski)

‘I was my happiest when I was with him – not getting glammed up,’ she said.

‘After he moved in, I began polishing off the same portions as him. At 200cms, Tava could eat and not gain weight but for me it piled on.’

Formerly a size 12, it wasn’t long before Brittany was struggling to squeeze into a size 22 and her eating habits continued to get worse.

‘I started buying a litre of iced coffee, two Kit Kats and a sausage roll on the way to work,’ she told that’s life!

‘On the way home, I’d meet Tava at Red Rooster for a whole roast chicken and chips. Then we’d pick up KFC for dinner later.’ 

Brittany now – 92 kilos (Credit: Brittany Ofsoski)

After spending a whopping $52,000 on junk food in two years, she tipped the scales at 153 kilos. Then a friend shared a picture of an overweight Barbie doll.

‘That looks just like me,’ Brittany had joked, trying to hide her shame. But she knew she needed to change.

Seeking help, she underwent gastric sleeve surgery to remove 85 per cent of her stomach.

(Credit: Brittany Ofsoski)

Sticking to a strict liquid diet before gradually introducing solid foods, Brittany said it wasn’t a quick fix.

‘I’ve had a lot of abuse from people saying surgery is an easy way out,’ she said. ‘But I have to follow a strict diet and exercise for the rest of my life.’

Brittany now weighs 92 kilos and said she feels better than ever.

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