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Woman horrified to learn her ‘shaving rash’ is cancer

The rash saved her life.
Rhiannon Douglas

When Rhiannon Douglas, 21, noticed a speckled red rash on her legs she wasn’t too worried. She assumed it was a simple shaving rash.


When it failed to go away on its own however, she began to worry it may be something more sinister.


A few trips to the doctor left her none-the-wiser, until aches and pains in her joints became so bad she was taken to emergency.

Rhiannon douglas legs
Her ‘shaving rash’ soon spread. (Credit: Rhiannon Douglas)

After a few more tests doctors discovered that she had in fact a rare cancer called nodular sclerosis lymphoma. This type of Hodgkins lymphoma is thankfully very responsive to treatment, but had Rhiannon not noticed the rash chances are it would not have been found in time.


‘I couldn’t believe that the rash on my legs was a rare sign of cancer, I had never heard or seen of this before so I was completely shocked when I found out,’ she says.


‘I now want to urge others to always get a second opinion, it’s really important to be aware of the rare signs of cancer, luckily mine was caught in time but unfortunately this may not be the case for everyone.’

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