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Woman ‘allergic to WiFi’ is granted disability allowance

Medical community is divided on whether it's real or not.

Marine Richard, 39, says she was forced to move to the French countryside to avoid WiFi signals that she claims cause her severe pain.

A French court ruled in favour of Marine, who is believed to suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). As a result of the ruling she will receive a monthly allowance, while she lives in a powerless barn in rural France.

Those living with EHS are believed to experience extreme pain when when in contact with the invisible electrical signals given off by wireless networks, mobile phones, and even televisions.

The medical community is divided on whether or not EHS is a legitimate condition – with studies unable to prove people who claim EHS can ‘feel’ electromagnetic radiation any more than anyone else.

Scientists suggest that other factors like air or noise pollution may be the real cause of the discomfort sufferers of EHS think are coming from electronics.

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