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I did an exam in labour!

‘I gave birth at 7am the next morning’
Exam in labour

When in 2017, Harvard Law student Briana Williams discovered she was pregnant it was a shock.

It was an even bigger shock when the baby’s father didn’t stick around and Briana faced becoming a single mum at 24.

Completing a law degree and raising a baby alone was an enormous undertaking, and many people told Briana she couldn’t do both.

Exam in labour

 But Briana was determined to give her baby the best future possible – and that meant getting her degree.

She arranged to sit her final Family Law exam from home before giving birth – but her baby had other ideas.

On the day of the exam, Briana felt contractions.

‘I went to the hospital and they determined that I was in labour,’ Briana told Inside Edition.

Exam in labour

Briana asked for an epidural then stayed up until 11.30pm completing the exam, just making the midnight deadline.

‘I gave birth at 7am the next morning,’ Briana says.

The last year of law school was a blur of textbooks, sleepless nights and nappy changes, with baby

Evelyn often attending class with her exhausted but determined mum.

Exam in labour

Finally, Briana proudly graduated with Evelyn, wearing a matching cap and gown, by her side.

Briana is sitting her Bar exam in California this year and has a high-paying job at a general litigation firm waiting for her.

On Instagram, Briana wrote that she hopes she’s setting a good example for her daughter. Evelyn, they said that because of you, I wouldn’t be able to do this, she wrote. Just know that I did this BECAUSE OF YOU.

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