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Surgeons discovered hundreds of worms inside a four-year-old boy

Around 800 million people are affected worldwide.

When surgeons opened up a four-year-old  boy they were stunned at their findings.

The African boy who had been suffering from severe abdominal pains was put under the knife to find the cause of his complaints.

From Cameroon, Central Africa the boy also had ongoing constipation and vomiting as well as the unbearable pain.

During the operation the surgeons opened up the boy’s intestines which is where they made the horrifying discovery.

The unidentified boy was suffering from Ascariasis, a roundworm infection located in the small intestine,The Journal of Medical Cases reported.

The surgeons removed the parasites.
The surgeons removed the parasites. (Source: The Journal of Medical Case Reports)

According to the World Health Organisation –  Around 10% of the developing world are infected with the parasitic worm Roundworm, which equates to around 800 million people worldwide.

The most common way to contract the disease is through faeces, like public restrooms or fertiliser.

Surgeons discovered the boy’s bowel was obstructed by bundles of live worms.

Removing hundreds of Roundworms the boy spent seven days in hospital and has made a full recovery.  

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