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At just 24 Amber tipped the scales at 298kilos – now she’s unrecognisable

What an incredible transformation

At 24-years-old Amber Rachdi was told she wouldn’t see past 30 unless she did something about her weight.

Tipping the scales at nearly 300kilos she first appeared on the TLC’s TV show My 600lb Life.

Carrying most of her weight in her legs Amber struggled to live like a normal young woman.

Unable to stand for more than 30 minutes at one time, she couldn’t shower and avoided leaving the house at all costs, if she did, she used a motorised scooter.

She also could not physically fit behind the steering wheel of a car and unable to get a job, she could not support herself in any way.

Weighing in at 298kilos she was not surprised by the number.

At just five she weighed nearly 72kilos and no one knew how to help her.

Continuing with her unhealthy lifestyle she piled on the kilos and those around her only enabled her bad eating habits.

Desperate to change her life she appeared on My 600pound Life in 2014 and Dr. Nowzardian put her straight into treatment.

Reducing her calorie intake and slowly increasing her level of physical activities they helped Amber drop 10kilos and Dr. Nowzardian agreed to perform gastric bypass surgery.

Through a strict regime of calorie counting, portion control and exercise she dropped over 180kilos and now inspires others to get fit and healthy.

Now on the verge of turning 30 she has proven that anyone can change their future you just have to keep fighting to get fit!

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