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Woman who spied on her niece on Facebook horrified to find she was plotting her murder

She was stunned by how much she hated her
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A doting aunt has spoken out after she ‘catfished’ her niece on Facebook, only to find out she planned to murder her.

Patra Williams, from Alabama, USA, who had taken 22-year-old Marissa Williams in, said she set up a fake Facebook profile as Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis – only for Marissa to ask for him to kill her aunt.

‘I still wrestle with the thought of being deceptive towards her. But it was a necessary evil,’ Patra told Channel’s 4’s My Online Nightmare.

Marissa had moved into her aunt’s house in 2014, but their relationship soon became fraught.

That’s when Patra set up a fake Facebook profile posing as a teenage boy and befriended her niece.

‘I was just trying to be a doting aunt but I had no idea what I was getting myself into,’ Patra told the TV show. ‘I just wanted to keep my eye on her.’

As they messaged each other, Patra discovered that Marissa detested her and then discovered something even more alarming.

‘You gotta get me outta here. I hate her, I hate everyone here. I know how I can see you, come to the house and kill my aunt,’ Marissa allegedly wrote.

Patra says she was left even more frightened when, not knowing she was actually messaging her aunt, Marissa allegedly gave Tre ‘Topdog’ Ellis instructions on how to get into her bedroom.

It was then that Patra decided to call the police.

Marissa Williams at the time of her arrest in 2014.

Patra says her her niece was speechless to learn who ‘Tre’ really was.


Marissa was arrested for solicitation for murder but escaped while on probation and has been a fugitive ever since.

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