True Crime

Father-of-three responsible for 250 murders

Nicknamed the 'Iceman', Richard Kuklinski killed for the thrill of it.

Barbara Kuklinski and her husband Richard had just pulled out of their driveway when armed officers surrounded their car.

Terrified, Barbara had no idea what was going on.

‘He’s a murderer,’ a detective told Barbara. She’d met Kuklinski when she was 18. After their first pizza date, he’d wooed her with flowers. He’d cook weekly barbecues for all their neighbours and go to church on a Sunday.

There’d be annual trips to Disneyworld with their children too. But behind the facade, he was also a hitman responsible for 250 deaths.

the ice man
(Credit: Supplied)

He’d earned the nickname The Iceman among detectives because of his habit of freezing his victims’ bodies to damage forensic evidence.

As well as being paid to kill, Kuklinski had killed some of his victims for the thrill.

Convicted of six murders, he was sentenced to life imprisonment, although he later claimed to be responsible for 250 deaths.

After his death, Barbara spoke to the Telegraph her hate for him, saying, ‘I wish the last words he’d heard had been how much I hated his guts.’

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