Woman drops four dress sizes and saves over $4K a year after axing fizzy drink addiction

She says she can't even look at the stuff now.

A woman who admits to drinking as much as 160 cans of cola a MONTH as axed her addiction, and in the process saved $4000 AND dropped four dress sizes.

Jo Hallam, 46, says she had wanted to stop drinking the fizzy drink for year but every time she tried she would get stomach cramps and headaches, reports The Mirror.

‘I used to try and give it up for Lent, but it never worked,’ she says.

‘I couldn’t even go a day without it. I didn’t have a bad diet.

‘It was a balanced diet, it really was just the fizzy drinks.’

Hallam says that she owes her transformation to a CD she began listening to which used guided hypnotherapy to break her addictive patterns.

‘The Slimpod is a CD that you listen to for ten minutes a day. A man called Trevor Silvester speaks and it relaxes you.

‘My life changed from the first day I tried it.’

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Six years later Hallam says she can’t even look at the fizzy drink.

‘Seeing it makes me feel physically sick now.

‘I couldn’t believe it when they built a wall out of the 160 cans of Coke I was drinking every month. It was taller than me.

‘Now all I want is water. Even on a Saturday night at the social club I drink water. I feel great – and I’m cheap to take out now, too!’

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