Woman spends four months in prison after police mistake packet of fairy floss for METH

She just had a sweet tooth!
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A US woman spent nearly four months behind bars after police mistook her bag of old fairy floss for meth.

Georgia grandmother Dasha Fincher was driving in December 2016 when she was pulled over for a routine traffic stop.

When police looked inside her car, they noticed a large, opened bag of old fairy floss (also known as cotton candy), reports WMAZ

The bag of fluffy candy was described as being of a ‘blue crystal-like substance’, and it tested positive for methamphetamine during a roadside field test. 

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Fairy floss (Credit: Getty Images)

Ms Fincher was then arrested and charged with meth trafficking and possession of meth with intent to distribute, with bail set at $100,000,000.

She remained in prison for nearly four months as the substance was tested, missing the birth of two of her grandchildren.

In April 2017, tests concluded the bag did indeed contain fairy floss and Ms Fincher was immediately released.

She has now filed a lawsuit in Federal court against the George County Board of Commissioners. 

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