When this girl began choking everyone hit ‘record’

Mum horrified that as her 3-year-old suffocated no one came to help her

We’re all familiar with people who live their lives with their faces glued to their phones, taking photos of their food at restaurants, and selfies everywhere they go.

Mostly it can just be irritating, but for this little girl it almost proved deadly when an entire restaurant of people filmed her choking instead of helping.

Millie Wise, 3, was at eating McDonald’s in a shopping centre food court with the grandmother, Sandra, when she began to choke on a chicken nugget.

McDonald's chicken nuggets
Millie Wise began to choke after inhaling a piece of chicken nugget. (Credit: Getty)

Instead of calling for help, or providing first aid, bystanders whipped out their phones and began recording the poor girl as she began to turn blue.

A McDonald’s employee had tried to help the little girl but was unable to dislodge the piece of chicken. Thankfully the shopping centre medic, Steve Dawking arrived, and after a few firm slaps to the back, Millie was able to cough up the nugget.

‘I slapped her with as much power as I could given she is a small child. It came out like a bullet,’ he says.

Millie was rushed to hospital where she is expected to make a full recovery. Her mum, Claire Wise, meanwhile was horrified:

‘It is unbelievable that people would watch a thing like that and their first instinct was not to call help but to take pictures and video,’ she says.

‘I am disgusted that people recorded such a traumatic incident while my mam and Millie were suffering such an awful ordeal.’

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