WATCH: Woman held hostage for two months in the outback captured on CCTV footage

Shocking details of her treatment have emerged
7 News

A British backpacker who was allegedly beaten, choked and raped while being held hostage in outback Queensland for two months was saved moments after being captured on CCTV footage at a rest stop.

The 22-year-old woman staggered into a service station in Mitchell, Qld, on Sunday in a distressed state.

The service station attendant, Beverley Page, said  the woman was ‘visibly shaking’ and had two black eyes and marks on her neck.

‘She was very upset. She was crying and she was shaking really badly,’ she told 7 News.

When she couldn’t pay for her fuel, Beverley noticed a police car passing by and followed to report the woman’s state to police.

Moments later, the victim was pulled over by police on the Warrego Highway and her alleged attacker, a 22-year-old Manunda man, was found hiding in the back.

The accused faces charges of rape and assault (Credit: 7 News)

The man, who has already appeared before a Roma court, was charged with a range of offences, including four counts of rape, eight counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and four counts of strangulation. He also faces drug charges.

Police said the pair met three months earlier and the alleged attacks took place between January 2 and March 5 at various locations across Queensland, where the woman was held against her will.

Disturbing reports revealed that her alleged captor was ‘clingy’ and changed his Facebook status to ‘married’ just a week after meeting her.

The victim captured on CCTV footage moments before she was rescued (Credit: 7 News)

‘We would certainly say that what’s happened to this lady is quite catastrophic so there are numerous supports that are being put in place to help her out during through this period,’ Detective Inspector Paul Hart told the ABC.

The woman was taken to hospital where she was treated for facial lacerations and cuts to her body.

Investigations are continuing.

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