WATCH: Naughty cat saved after it swallowed 1.6 METRES of Christmas tinsel

Looks like a case of tinsel-itis!
Animal Emergency Service

A naughty cat who swallowed 1.6 metres of Christmas tinsel had to have emergency surgery to remove it. 

Blossom the cat was taken into Animal Emergency Service in Queensland after her owners noticed her chewing on tinsel.

Vets assumed she had only swallowed around 15 centimetres worth of the shiny Christmas decoration – and were gobsmacked when they found so much.

Using an endoscope, the animal doctors saw 1.6 metres of half-chewed tinsel lodged inside Blossom’s stomach.

The complicated surgery involved using little implements to safely pull the tinsel back out of the poor kitty’s mouth. 

‘Cats LOVE shiny objects, especially TINSEL! Unfortunately, this little kitty decided to bite off more than she could chew,’ Animal Emergency Service wrote on its Facebook page. 

‘Fortunately her quick thinking owners rushed her to AES where we were able to safely remove all 1.6 metres of tinsel from her stomach.’

Meow-y Christmas!

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