Astonishingly simple phone trick will turn you colourblind

(Only for a couple of minutes!)
YouTube / TheProGamer Jay

Ever wondered what it’s like to be colourblind?

According to this YouTube video there is a simple way to trick your eyes into not seeing the colour red – which is a common type of colour blindness.

According to Jay, 12% of the population experience colour-blindness to some degree and using this trick will show you what that might be like.

‘This trick is absolutely amazing and some of you might be freaked out by what you see,’ he says as he lays out the steps.

Using nothing but his phone’s light, Jay shows us how to trick your eye into not seeing the red spectrum – which throws all others colours off a bit.

He reassures us that it’s perfectly safe and the eye settles back to normal after a few minutes.

Check it out for yourself:

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