Surgery for 6-day-old baby born with THREE legs


A baby born with three legs has undergone serious surgery to amputate the extra limb in an Indian hospital. 

Srilatha Kanchanapally, 25, was shocked to discover her baby girl had an entire extra leg growing from the back of one thigh during a routine scan. 

When her girl was born, her third leg made for an incredible sight. Fully formed, with a knee and foot, it is suspected to have been caused by a parasitic twin – which occurs when a fertilised egg doesn’t split completely, leaving one baby with additional features. 

Otherwise healthy, surgeons were able to operate on the little girl and remove the extra limb. She’s expected to make a full recovery. 

The baby’s father Sambaih said: ‘We are thankful to the doctors who operated on our baby. The feeling that she would grow up as a normal child fills my heart with joy.

‘Doctors have removed the extra limb with ease. Initially, I was I was where would I arrange the funds for the treatment.

‘But the doctors convinced me that I won’t have to pay a single penny for it as the operation is happening at a government run hospital.’

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