Terminally ill cancer patient fulfils disturbing bucket list item

The haunting truth has come out!
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A woman terminally ill with cancer has fulfilled one of the most disturbing items on her bucket list.

After 42 years of living with a painful secret, Kaye, the mother of the ill patient has discussed the story of her daughters journey in reporting to the police that she was abused by her uncle. 

Her daughter revealed to her mother that the horrible incident occurred at the age of 19.

Speaking to podcast by Victoria Police, Unspeakable Kaye revealed: ‘She’d been overseas and she came back and she rang me one night, it was a Saturday night, and told me about it.’

‘As soon as she said it I believed her and I said ‘what do you want to do about it’ and she said ‘I don’t want to do anything at the moment, I want you to know about it, I don’t want to do anything about it.’

While she respected her wish, Kaye did try to report the crime at the time, saying: ‘I got on the phone and rang the Boronia Police and they said to me ‘look, there’s nothing we can do’,’

‘In those days there really was no support from anybody, nowhere to go, I’ve never felt so alone in my whole life and I went through a marriage breakup. This was just awful. I didn’t know where to go or who to turn to.’

But things took a turn for the worst as Kaye’s daughter was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer and only had weeks to live.

It was then when her daughter created a bucket list and right on top of that list was reporting her uncle.

Detective Leading Senior Constable Christine Robinson helped catch the offending uncle when Kaye recorded a video of her daughter reflecting on her traumatic experience.

Detective Christine Robinson said: ‘Her doing that was such a relief. She felt that finally it was a weight off her shoulders. She told her story, put it in someone else’s hands to investigate and from that point it moved very fast.’

Within the next two days, the offender was arrested and admitted for his crimes after a lengthy interview.

Unfortunately, Kaye’s daughter never got to see the successful outcome as she passed away before his sentencing.

Pleading guilty, he received a suspended sentence of five months in prison and listed on the sex offenders registry.

The grieving mother said of the outcome: ‘She would’ve been blown away. She was hoping for a good result. She said ‘It’s fine mum, I can die now knowing he’s going on the sex offenders list.’

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