Sickening moment acrobat plunges 40-feet in front of horrified crowd

The safety net failed to catch the trapeze artist...
YouTube - East2West

A trapeze artist is in intensive care after plummeting 40-feet to the ground during a performance.

Yulia Tikaeva was performing in Gomel, Belarus, when an aerial stunt went horribly wrong.

Mobile phone footage of the accident showed the 20-year-old swinging between two other performers before plunging head-first.

Tikaeva was filmed by shocked onlookers plummeting to the ground
Tikaeva was captured plummeting to the ground (Credit: YouTube – East2West)

Tikaeva clipped the edge of the safety net below before crashing to the ground.

Horrified screams could be heard from the audience before the performer was rushed away unconscious on a stretcher.


‘Yulia is still receiving medical treatment. Her skeleton is intact, there are no fractures,’ a spokesperson for Gomel city circus said.


‘She has a head haematoma but doctors say that so far surgery is not needed. Time will go and we’ll see how she feels. All of us are thinking about her. Many thanks once again for being worried about her.’


You can watch the shocking footage below:

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