Search is on for dolphin forced into a blue t-shirt on Australia Day before it suffocates

Who would do such a horrid thing?

Wildlife rangers on Australia’s west coast are searching for a dolphin seen wearing a blue t-shirt or singlet.

Photos were taken of the animal deliberately wrapped in a t-shirt and posted to The Depertment of Parks and Wildlife, WA’s Facebook page.

Department spokesperson, Pia Courtis, says it’s certainly been deliberately forced into the shirt.

‘Dolphins are quite playful but it’s unusual for them to be able to swim through something like that and get it sort of stuck,’ she explains to the ABC.

While the dolphin can clearly still swim, the fear is that the shirt could easily cover the dolphin’s blow hole which would lead to drowning.

Whoever is responsible could face up to $4000 in fines in accordance with the Wildlife Conservation Act.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife are urging anyone with information to come forward and help them save the dolphin before it is too late.

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