Pensioner builds fortress-like wall from wood and barbed wire to keep ex off his property

He says he’s inspired by Ancient Rome.

A NSW pensioner has constructed a massive wall around his house, complete with barbed wire and a catapult loaded with bowls, in an effort to keep his ex-partner away.

When A Current Affair paid a visit to Tony on his Central Coast property he took the time to show them around his pride and joy – a massive wall.

‘I’m going to go to extreme lengths to protect what is mine,’ he told the Channel 9 program. Explaining that his ex was intent on ‘plundering and pillaging’ his home.

‘It’s a bit symbolic,’ he says while picking up a bowls for his catapult.

‘You fight your enemy that’s coming in to take your property without paying a cent for it.’

Tony’s current partner, Antoinette, says she was shocked when she saw the wall but is happy for Tony to continue with it.

The ex-partner was not available for comment.

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